Price-Babson Symposium

For Entrepreneurship Educators

Dates & Fees

May 28-June 1, 2018


Program fee includes program materials, accommodations, and meals at the award-winning Babson Executive Conference Center.


The Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators is Babson’s flagship open enrollment program for educators who seek to learn best practices for teaching entrepreneurship. The program explores a carefully designed mix of content and process topics that educators need to know when teaching entrepreneurs. Over the past 32 years, more than 3,700 educators from close to 1,000 academic institutions in 76 countries have participated in SEE programs!

Program Benefits


Learn leading concepts for effective entrepreneurship education


Experience the curriculum and pedagogy used by Babson College, a world leader in entrepreneurship education


Join a global network of over 4,4450 entrepreneurship educators dedicated to teaching tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders


Overcome challenges and limitations in your approach to teaching


This program is led by a selection of world-class Babson College faculty, including faculty director Heidi Neck, Ph.D., Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College. Her research interests include entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship inside organizations, and creative thinking. Neck is the lead author of Teaching Entrepreneurship: A Practice-Based Approach – a book written to help educators teach entrepreneurship in more experiential and engaging ways.

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